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All rights reserved. This article is an introduction to astrological midpoints and how I use them.

Midpoints are an advanced technique, but even beginners benefit from an overview of the subject and can plant the seeds now to grow into using midpoints in the years ahead. A midpoint is not a physical entity like a planet, but is a logico-mathematical point of significance in an astrological chart.

A midpoint is the midway point between any two planets or other astrological factors such as moon nodes, asteroids, angles, vertex point, part of fortune, Uranian "transneptunian" planets, etc. The near midpoint is the nearest or closest midway point between the factors, and the far midpoint is the farthest midway point between the factors.

The near and far midpoints are thus in exact opposition to each other. For example, the near midpoint of the Sun at 15 Scorpio and the Moon at 15 Capricorn is 15 Sagittarius. The far midpoint is therefore at 15 Gemini. If two factors are in exact opposition, which is quite rare, we could consider both midpoints as near AND far.


This circumstance is so rare that I've never seen it happen, and by using precise calculations we can usually determine which is the true near midpoint. The use of near midpoints and conjunctions only may not be a universal practice among astrologers, indeed both are controversial, but I will admit to the practice keeping me more sane personally and professionally than the more detailed approaches that tempt us to go overly "mental.

Knowing when to quit astrologically is high art.

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Buy low, sell high. In other words, a couple of well-chosen midpoints go a long way. Professional astrological calculation software are a marvel at creating near-instantaneous midpoint sorts. A full range of manifestations is possible with each midpoint just as with the various aspects. Here is where I allow a midpoint to "speak" to me in any given moment or situation, for the purpose or question at hand. Horary 1 This horary form has a four-day aspect scale, elements, dignities, declination, latitude, motion, planetary day and hour, lunar aspects table, and tables for rulership and timing.

Horary 2 Another specialized Horary wheel with a variety of predictive features. This specialized horary form has approaching and separating lunar and planetary aspects, planetary day and hour, strictures, mutual receptions, daily motion and speed, occidental and oriental, antiscia, latitude, exaltations, Lilly's point system, joy besiegement, critical degrees, and special four-day aspect scale. Local Space Astrology is the study of prediction based a given location, viewing the chart as a map of the degrees of the horizon surrounding an event, such as one's birth.

The various planets' positions are then plotted on it. Local Space can be used to determine favorable directions to turn for certain endeavors. Local Map Wheel This is a local space map with an open wheel and planets in horizon coordinates. Relocation is based upon the idea that when one changes direction, even though the planets in the chart stay the same in degree and minute , the house cusps change.

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When a major relationship manifests, it always shows up in both charts. But how? Arlene Kramer - Advanced Astrology.


The Part of Fortune was described in its relation to the house placements and sign placements. Just as with any other zodiacal sensitive point, the Part of Fortune can also be defined in its relationship to other zodiacal elements, such as the planets. Any planet in conjunction with the Part of Fortune will yield an increase in the potency of that planet.

This is the aspect most clearly seen. Love Asteroids. Marguerite Hafeman So much more information and insight on romantic issues can be found by looking at the natal positions of those asteroids most commonly associated with the pursuit of love.

Let's take a cruise on down past Venus and Mars, check out how Cupido, Amor, Eros and Psyche can make the dance of love that much more piquant and complex. Asteroid Cupido: In Greek myth, Cupid is the son of Venus; his job was to "wound" the unwary with his arrows of love; awaken a consuming affection directed towards a particular object of desire. Chiron And Friends - Apollo. It is difficult for me to be too objective about this one because natally I have it in Leo, closely conjunct my Venus, and in mythology Apollo was a Sun god Sun rules Leo , and also a poet and musician Venus rules the arts.

Morrison says that this conjunction is one of the reasons I have a "jackrabbitappetite" for whatever I happen to want, accompanied by impatience. Business Astrology Consult your astrologer for more complex strategies. Principle 1: Mercury Retrograde.

Welcome to The Lilith Pages, a new section of my site.

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I work extensively with the archetype of Lilith via the True Black Moon and asteroid in astrology charts. The new book Lilith: Healing the Wild tells the complete story of my research into and work with this misunderstood and maligned archetype. Four chapters of my book Living Myth are dedicated to how we live the stories of Lilith in our lives here , and I even wrote a natal report all about the True Black Moon, which you can order here.

You can check out the blogging I've done on Lilith here, as well. In short, I've been thinking about and working with Lilith a lot.

uranian astrology calculator Uranian astrology calculator
uranian astrology calculator Uranian astrology calculator
uranian astrology calculator Uranian astrology calculator
uranian astrology calculator Uranian astrology calculator
uranian astrology calculator Uranian astrology calculator

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