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Although the bill failed, Inslee's tenacity made an impression on House Speaker Joe King, who said: "He's not afraid to incur the wrath of the speaker or the caucus. Inslee served on the Higher Education and Housing Committees.

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In , six-term incumbent U. Representative Sid Morrison chose not to run for reelection representing Washington's 4th congressional district , instead mounting a campaign for governor. Morrison was a popular moderate Republican incumbent who was considered successful and well-liked in the Democratic-controlled Congress. His home area of the district, anchored by Yakima, is relatively rural and agriculture-based, while the southeastern part is more focused on research and nuclear waste disposal, anchored by the Tri-Cities.

Despite the district's conservative lean, Inslee won the general election in an extremely close race. He lost his bid for reelection in the Republican Revolution of in a rematch against his opponent, Doc Hastings. Inslee attributed his defeat in large part to his vote for the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. In Congress Inslee passed the Yakima River Enhancement Act, [21] a bill long held up in Congress, by brokering a breakthrough with irrigators and wildlife advocates. He also helped to open Japanese markets to American apples and to fund and oversee the nation's biggest nuclear waste site at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Washington.

Inslee moved to Bainbridge Island , a suburb of Seattle , and briefly resumed the practice of law. He ran for governor of Washington in and lost in the blanket primary. No other candidate on the ballot received double digits. Inslee ran again for Congress in , this time in the 1st congressional district against two-term incumbent Rick White. His campaign attracted national attention when he became the first Democratic candidate to air television ads attacking his opponent and the Republican congressional leadership for the Lewinsky scandal.

The 1st was a swing district for most of the s; Inslee's win marked the third time the district had changed hands in four elections. But Inslee was a major beneficiary of the recent Democratic trend in the Seattle area. In Inslee defeated former state representative Joe Marine with He never faced another contest that close, and was reelected three more times with over 60 percent of the vote. In July , after Gary Locke announced he would not seek a third term as Washington's governor, Inslee briefly flirted with a gubernatorial bid before deciding to remain in Congress.

The largest interests funding Inslee's campaign were pharmaceutical and health-related companies, lawyers and law firms, and high-tech companies. In he won by a point margin, with As a member of the centrist New Democrat Coalition , [30] Inslee accumulated expertise on high-tech issues [31] and was vocal in his support for policies combating climate change. Inslee was "one of Congress's most ardent advocates of strong action to combat global warming," according to The New York Times.

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Inslee co-authored Apollo's Fire: Igniting America's Clean Energy Economy , in which he argues that through improved federal policies the United States can wean itself off foreign oil and fossil fuel , create millions of green-collar jobs, and stop global warming. He has been a prominent supporter of the Apollo Alliance.

In a House hearing on the Energy Tax Prevention Act , he said Republicans have "an allergy to science and scientists" during a discussion of whether the regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act should remain in place following a controversial court finding on the issue. Inslee was an outspoken critic of the George W. Bush administration's invasion of Iraq. On July 31, , he introduced legislation calling for an inquiry to determine whether then United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should be impeached.

Gonzales eventually resigned.

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Still an avid basketball player and fan, Inslee identified as a member of "Hoopaholics", [38] a charity group dedicated to "treatment of old guys addicted to basketball and who can no longer jump", as Inslee has often joked. In October , he played basketball at the White House in a series of games featuring members of Congress on one team and members of the administration, including President Obama, on the other.

In , Inslee voted in favor of authorizing the use of U. On March 20, , Inslee left Congress to focus on his campaign for governor of Washington. On June 27, , Inslee announced his candidacy for governor of Washington. He also supported a ballot measure to legalize gay marriage, which passed, and opposed tax increases.

During the session, the legislature failed to create a fiscal budget plan during the initial session, and Inslee was forced to call two special sessions in order to give time for a budget to be created. The Republican-controlled Senate and Democratic-controlled House each passed its own budget and could not agree on one. On June 13, , Inslee signed an additional estate tax into law. The estate tax had bipartisan support, and passed the Senate in a 30—19 vote. In December , Inslee was elected to serve as finance chair of the Democratic Governors Association. In January , Inslee gave a speech commending machinists who voted to renew Boeing 's contract with Seattle area union employees, allowing the company to build its Boeing x aircraft in Everett.

Inslee said the contract would bring Washington to a new industrial plateau and be a turning point for Washington jobs:. These jobs are in the thousands and it is not only on the X, the first model of the X, but all the subsequent derivative models as well. The plan was to prevent Boeing from building part of the aircraft in Washington and part of it elsewhere, as they did with the Boeing , which was partially constructed in South Carolina.

On February 11, , Inslee announced that he was issuing a moratorium on executions in Washington :. There have been too many doubts raised about capital punishment, there are too many flaws in this system today. There is too much at stake to accept an imperfect system.

Inslee cited the high cost of pursuing the death penalty, the randomness with which it was sought, and a lack of evidence that it is a deterrent. Inslee began his second term in January , proposing full funding of state education in compliance with the McCleary decision and addressing mental health needs while also raising worker pay.

The civil action, Washington v. Trump , was filed on January 30 and on February 3 successfully earned a temporary restraining order to forbid federal enforcement of certain provisions of the order. Inslee and Ferguson declared their victory over Trump on February 16, after his administration announced it would revise the travel ban to comply with the court decisions. During the legislative session, the Washington State Legislature failed to pass a state operating budget by the conclusion of their regular session on April Therefore, Inslee called for a day special session.

The legislature failed to pass a budget during that session, forcing Inslee to call a third session, beginning June 22, As the state's financial year ends on June 30, there was fear of a partial government shutdown. Specifics included in the budget were still being released several hours after it was signed into law.

Lawmakers critiqued the haste at which the budget was considered and passed, having only received the page document earlier that day. As a result of Career Connect Washington, new apprenticeship opportunities have been established [67] including the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee 's registered Youth Apprenticeship program for high school students. In December , Inslee announced new legislation aimed at reducing the state's carbon emissions over a period of approximately two decades. It would require Washington utilities to effectively end the use of fossil fuels altogether by mid-century.

It would make Washington "adopt a clean fuel standard", "promote electric and low-emission vehicles", and "provide incentives to renovate existing buildings to reduce" emissions.

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  4. In January , Inslee said he would provide an expedited process for approximately 3, people convicted of small-time cannabis possession to apply for and receive pardons. Throughout , speculation rose that Inslee was considering a run for President of the United States in the election. He garnered national attention because of Washington v. Trump , a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration's order to ban entry from seven Muslim-majority countries.

    In January , reports began to surface that Inslee was beginning to form an exploratory committee , the first step in a campaign. But Inslee pointed to former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton , calling them "pretty much unknown governors of small states" and adding, "this is a wide-open field. No one has a lock on this. No one has a total crystal ball as to what the nation wants. Inslee announced his candidacy for president on March 1, , saying his focus would be on combating climate change. The Democratic National Committee denied the request, but 53 of its voting members wrote an open letter protesting that decision.

    Facing poor polling numbers and seeing no path to victory, Inslee announced the suspension of his campaign on The Rachel Maddow Show on August 21, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Trudi Inslee m. Main article: Washington gubernatorial election. Main article: Jay Inslee presidential campaign.

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    Archived from the original on July 1, March 20, House but still eligible for pension". Archived from the original on February 23, Jay Inslee calls second special session". Oregon Live. Be careful. The planets warn if you use underhand methods you are sure to be found out — and disqualified.

    todays 17 february birthday horoscope washington post Todays 17 february birthday horoscope washington post
    todays 17 february birthday horoscope washington post Todays 17 february birthday horoscope washington post
    todays 17 february birthday horoscope washington post Todays 17 february birthday horoscope washington post
    todays 17 february birthday horoscope washington post Todays 17 february birthday horoscope washington post
    todays 17 february birthday horoscope washington post Todays 17 february birthday horoscope washington post

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