Ketu in gemini vedic astrology


Despite being lord of eighth house — Saturn usually remains an auspicious planet; and provides protection against Balarishtha, accidents and severe failures in life. The auspicious disposition of Mercury, Venus and Saturn may bless you with success in having independent profession.

Rahu In Gemini Natal

Professional sectors related to banking, finance, education, entertainment, publication and media are usually most suitable for you. A well placed and strong Sun may also bless you with authoritative posts and political success. You may be more inclined towards skilled professions like being an entertainer or teacher or fashion designer or stock analyst etc. The best part of being born in Gemini Ascendant is being able to analyze things logically and rationally. It may be comparatively easier for you to understand and decide the complex situations requiring functioning of left side of brain.

You may be able to have good harmony and balance between your emotional and social relationships and may not get easily carried away in emotions. In addition to this, you may also be able to communicate effectively and may have good presentations skills.


You may also have an upper edge in understanding the view point of other person and respond in accordance. You may be a very good assistant and be able to give fruitful suggestions under dire circumstances. The weak part of your personality and nature is remaining unsatisfied with yourself; and excessive thinking. Gemini Ascendant people tend to become self critical and may not be easily satisfied with their efforts.

You may always be looking for upgrade and improve things; even if it may not be required and subsequently being the target for unnecessary suggestions.


You may also act carelessly in your financial matters; and tend to speculate quite often. The positive traits of your personality will be more prominent if the Navamsha Lagna is also falling under Gemini zodiac sign. This may also cause you to be over speculative; and the others around you may find you impractical and difficult person to understand. This may also cause you to face challenges in persuading others to have faith and confidence in you.

You may, at times, act carelessly towards your family responsibilities and give undue preference to your personal ambitions. Besides this, you may also tend to take risky decisions on the basis of family wealth and reputation; and may appear selfish within your close relationships. Unless Sun, Mercury and Saturn are fairly disposed; you should avoid excessive involvement in absolute physical activities.

You should also take good care of your health during changing seasons.


Gemini ascendant people are vulnerable to chest or lung infection, skin diseases and psychological problems. It is the positive side of this transit. Rahu in Gemini will push more people into urban life with a craving for the excitement of society and community in the big city. Rahu in Gemini will create more charismatic leaders that can charm and persuade the world through their passion.

Unfortunately, Hitler was born with Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius and he used the power of his language to inspire others in wrong ways and as always, with Rahu being a cheat and a liar, he quickly broke his word around treaties that he created. This is how a more powerful malefic can do more harm than. Rahu is always the wild stallion who has to roam and at the same time has to take his wisdom and spread it to the people. There is danger here in new charismatic leaders and preachers swaying trouble masses that are likely going to hurt by a very changing world.

If you are born with Rahu in Gemini you are a good talker, but at the same time you may speak too much and others will not hear your message. Beware of the trap of trying to impress others by lecturing or eloquence or technical jargon as you will lose your audience. Short, simple and to the point is what people want. In the end you have to be cautious about being too zealous. Remedies for Rahu in Gemini may include keeping a journal to give creative expression to streams of thoughts that need to come out, taking writing and speaking and film classes, teaching and staying in better touch with other.

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Short journey are something that Gemini is often fond of and may soothe the wanderlust of Rahin Gemini. Find outlets for your creative expression with strategic planning. Getting involved with blogging, fiction writing, reporting or studying the beauty of language. Rahu always needs to be creative in order to be happy so find ways to break out of your routines.

Rahu and Ketu Change Zodiac Sign on 18th August 2017

Ketu in Sagittarius will require self-inquiry so you can look and modify your behavior before you blow people away with your passion. Find away for expression your freedom and your beliefs without turning people off. Saturn is also of the same nature but to a lesser degree. Saturn loves his environment and body but Ketu loves his soul and soul alone. In earthly existence, Ketu is the supreme planet of disinterestedness. Ketu is heartless in human relationships. He is a Himalayan Yogi in search of communion with the Divine Soul through samadhi or he is a merciless murderer. His murder is not motivated by rivalry or money but by a desire to free people from worldly attachments.

He is ever ready to enlarge the sphere of human relationships with the supreme motive of self-gratification. Ketu is the master of supreme worldly detachment.

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  • Wherever he finds the deep attachment, he is ever ready to cut it at the very root. The motivated unselfishness of Ketu is one of deep spirituality. He is by the side of the prisoner in jail, the nun in her monastery, the opium-eater in his den or the debauchee in the brothel to utilize their moments of aloofness from society for attracting their mind to the spiritual sphere. His mission is to remind mortals that their souls are sparks of the Divine Soul and the purpose of evolution through so many births and deaths is ultimate to be merged with the Divine Soul.

    Ketu represents a coward as well as a tyrant.

    The negative Ketu desires to forget this vile world by having recourse to painting, love of nature, day-dreaming, poetry, etc. The positive Ketu wants to destroy all earthly values and stands first among all the planets to place an obstruction in the way of the success of all earthly endeavors. Ketu of Indian astrology can be equated with Neptune of Western astrology.

    Precious Stones

    Neptune is an idealist, mystic, and spiritualist. He has no connection with the practical, everyday worldly life. He is a dreamer, happy in the intoxication of drinks and opium.

    ketu in gemini vedic astrology Ketu in gemini vedic astrology
    ketu in gemini vedic astrology Ketu in gemini vedic astrology
    ketu in gemini vedic astrology Ketu in gemini vedic astrology
    ketu in gemini vedic astrology Ketu in gemini vedic astrology
    ketu in gemini vedic astrology Ketu in gemini vedic astrology

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