10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology

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During this period, the Aries is going to feel blocked, in the impossibility to successfully finalize any plans. The natives will feel frustrated and helpless. They need to be patient and to take as much time as they need.

During the retrograde motion of Jupiter, people tend to learn from their own experience certain lessons related to faith, and some situations can occur when it is necessary to make adjustments regarding large-scale projects. During the periods when Saturn is in retrograde motion, you will encounter delays or blockages while doing certain activities, but it depends very much on what house from the natal map is Saturn retrograde in transit, and if in that house Saturn meets other personal planets, the situation will be completely personalized.

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You will work harder or you will make a bigger effort to accomplish your plans, and it is not excluded to make certain adjustments or to reevaluate your plans for better efficiency. Usually, Saturn requires better organizing and restructuring of information.

The relationship with certain authorities becomes more complicated, so in order to finalize any action, you will need patience and perseverance. While Uranus is in retrograde motion, it is good to expect any kind of surprises. Uranus can cause extreme situations and chaos, but it can also bring unforgettable moments! You can be overwhelmed by anxiety or the desire the make changes during this period, this is why it is recommended to take time to analyze yourself and to determine the cause of these states, and what you need in order to evaluate to a new level.

It is indicated to write down any idea that comes to your mind, no matter how strange or absurd it might seem. Starting a journal is a wonderful idea.

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Neptune in Pisces urges us towards mysticism, forcing us to listen to our intuition and imagination, to use our imagination, to explore our fantasies, while its retrograde motion compels us to face the reality, to not let ourselves prey to dreams, it brings us with the feet on the ground, and it makes us face our fears and anxieties. This is a time when hidden secrets and truths can come out. Basically, Pluto retrograde is associated with the demolition and destruction of certain situations out of the necessity to innovate and to find motivation, truth, and inner peace.

It gets us ready for a period of major changes, rebirth, and full reconstruction when it will restart its direct motion. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is pushing us to investigate our organizing capacity, self-control, and self-education, the capacity to plan, to take concrete actions, to manage resources, and the ability to progress to a new level through our own efforts, work, maturity, and seriousness.

The phase of the moon during birth has a particular influence on the behavioral characteristics, four typologies being distinguished:. People born during the first quarter day 1 — day 7. To me, this is the moment that we should all hold our breaths for. When the leadership comes together with the just-warrior, we also have retrograde Uranus conjunct the Dk Moon Lilith.

The Three Major Planetary Cycles That Will Begin in 2020:

If there is going to be rioting in the streets, this is where I would expect to see it. It should be obvious here or by this time. If this storyline unfolds anything like described here, the energy of frustration should be clear and obvious. The next key date is the target date of January 12 th , It is at this point that we should hit the climax for what built up this fall. This is a major transition date that we should be able to measure how people change as these planets wane from degrees Capricorn. One of the reasons for the AstroMap is so that you can see where the influence of the planets is going to be relative to the locations on the earth.

Note that every spot has a direct and opposite location on the earth and both spots are displayed on the Map. Come January , the direct location of the energy is nearly perfectly over Hong Kong in south China. Yet, it also stretches down into Malaysia and Indonesia. You can see on the map what is directly under the influence of Capricorn. The point of opposition for each planet is important and that area is represented with the crosshatches.

To me, if there is a financial element to the events of the fall which I expect their will be , I would expect that the two real pivot points will be china and the US. For all the other dates, just look at the map and it will show you the direct and opposite locations. November 13 th — All these planets in retrograde turn direct and come back together again in Capricorn again. It moves all this hard earth energy into a detached mental realm of emotional detachment. Pluto has now dropped out of the key astrological aspect. This well documented flow of activities ,star lead , is remarkable.

So assuring to a heart that knows and a head that forgets.. I would love to discuss with you the idea that in order at the end of your message, to make the right choices , we must take feeling out of it? Hard to understand that Dave. I know a good conversation might clarify.

As I sense it we are moving from the head in choice making into the heart.. The inner heart affect all of the external projected creations.. Hugs and great Work, so many thanks Elizabeth. A year after the Pluto Saturn conjunction. Aquarius is a detached emotional sign. It represents the type of energy that logically thinks about how to move forward and what is in the best interests for all.


Uranus Retrograde: August 11th, 12222 6° Taurus – Jan 10th 2020, 2° Taurus

So, at that time about 16 months from now the hard energy of Capricorn, which might not care about how people feel emotionally, will be replaced with energy where emotions are cared about, but in a detached logical way. Your email address will not be published.

AmorStyle Astrology Who could make this stuff up? When I brought up the stars for that moment, nothing stood out to me as the immediate trigger. Unfortunately, Uranus is retrograde until the major conjunction mid-January. January 9 th , Advancing a year to last January. January 11, Do we have similar conditions for next January? January 12 th , Well, we have a repeat of this coming — yet it has a slightly different flavor. What can we expect? Uranus helps us evolve to our greatest levels and shakes us out of the old. It is also the planet of genius, so this is a phenomenal time to brainstorm creative ideas or think outside of the box.

With the support of the other planets going directly forward, you could be onto something huge that may change the world or your life forever. Last, with Neptune, our ethereal planet of imagination, divine love, and faith, twirling through Pisces in direct movement, our creativity will also be favored.

This can be a time where we look to our dreams and our long-term hopes for the world, as well as the idea of a soul mate or fantasy, and watch how it comes to life. We cannot simply sit back and pray. We must do the work to show the Universe we mean it. Lucky for us, has a blessed time with this kind of energy, as well. Make sure to use this time in while you can to push all of your most important relationships, projects, business endeavors, and contracts forward. Once the planets start to go into a retrograde dance the rest of the year, we will not have an open road from the Universe like this until January 10 th , until February 16 th , Another short period will take place from March 9 th , until April 25 th , , as well.

Make a list of the things you want to achieve now in all areas of your life finances, work, health, relationships, spiritually, etc and see how many you can begin solidly now.


May the stars ever be in your favor. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of.

10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 10 planet alignment january 2020 astrology

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